11 January 2015

Dreamy Parisian Wedding at Repulse Bay

Happy 2015 everyone! 

Met the sweetest couple Caroline and Ivan a couple of times since March last year, they came to all the meetings together and you can feel the love, warmth and care between them dripping off like honey. And Caroline is just the most lovable and adorable client one can only wish for.

For pre-wedding pics, they engaged the talented Miss Jada Poon and also hired our mint green bike as prop and we are in love with the pictures! So sharing a few from their engagement shoot first.

Credit : Photos above taken by Jada Poon.

And now their wedding on a perfect sunny day at Repulse Bay! Caroline and Ivan gave us so much trust and freedom to design for them, we just have to go all out and gave their wedding all our hearts.

We were so excited when we learned that they wanted a Paris theme. As Verandah is an old colonial style building, the style works well. Paris was one of the most inspirational places to us and also took us back to happy floral adventures a few years ago,
So with the pictures and memories in mind, we started designing for the wedding.

For the welcome table, we dreamed away living in an apartment in Paris putting on makeup at a vanity table whilst listening to music, ready for a glamorous night out. So we sourced a vintage vanity table set and telephone and also filled a gramophone with flowers. Inside the glass cloche was a Cire Trudon candle bought in Paris.

And imagine looking outside the window in the distance is the iconic Eiffel Tower.

The colour palette is elegant and dreamy white and blush. Flowers included over 1,000 stems of hydrangea, David Austin Keira and White O'hara garden roses, our most beloved blush Quicksand rose and Bombastic spray rose, White Mikado spray rose, Lily of the Valley and 600 stems of Japanese sweet pea!!!

The ceremony faces the secret garden and we envision something that feel like part of the garden but a prettier version. Flowers were arranged in 2 large urn arrangements and on an arch with a hanging mini crystal chandelier.

One of the first things you notice with a lot of the chateau and palaces in France is grand iron cast gates, so we proposed a pair with the couple's initials placed at the start of the aisle.

A peek during the ceremony. With the flowers and plants along the aisle, it feels like entering and walking through the couple's intimate, cozy and private garden.

Signing the marriage certificate, the couple was just beaming ear to ear the whole day.

1 May each year is La Fête du Muguet (Lily of the Valley Day) when French men give their sweethearts sprigs of Lily of the Valley as a token of love and affection, so we think it is the perfect choice for the bridal bouquet. Bridesmaids wore beautiful soft mint green dresses and held Japanese white sweet pea bouquets. Simple, dreamy and elegant and both flowers got such gorgeous fragrance!

We adore doggies and one of our Inspiration Mondays were dedicated to Wedding Pets. Particular huge soft spot for Golden Retrievers and Westies and we were overjoyed when we learned that the bride's sweet dog would be joining the ceremony. So we made her a darling floral collar.

When we see a certain item again and again in weddings, we just think why not be a little creative and think of a different way of doing the same thing. Instead of photo albums, we displayed engagement photos in large frames sitting amongst soft-colour flowers.

Not only are the plants along the aisle and the pair of gates pretty, they were also practical and moved to dress up the stairs of Verandah as the sun sets ready for the reception.

Last but not least, centerpieces! For the reception at Verandah, given it was a dinner affair and the vibe is more elegant, so we suggested a silver ornate teapot set filled with flowers. We are a huge fan of details and heart this pretty place setting! Together with the lovely tailor printed menu and place cards, a stem of sweet pea adorned the place setting for all guests.

Locks and keys on the Lovers' Bridge are another element that reminds couples of Paris, so the wedding favour is a set of such. Instead of the usual packing them in a box with paper filler, we designed and helped source the packaging, placing them in glass jars with some beads instead.

Glamorous tall silver candelabra centerpieces for four of the tables in the center.

And a little vintage tray with a few makeup items, Lollia candle and handcream for touching up in the ladies' washroom.

Great to work with the superb wedding planning team of White Bridal again. Credit for table plan, menu, place cards and of course, ensuring the whole day was without a hitch goes to White Bridal.

Extremely grateful and excited to start off the year with such a gorgeous wedding and so much love from the couple. And sweet words from bride : 
"The flowers and decorations are exquisite! Thanks for making our dream wedding come true."

Hearty congrats to Caroline and Ivan and may your marriage and all your days ahead be as joyful and sweet as your wedding day!!

30 December 2014

Thank You 2014, Hello 2015

So it's the end of the year and we have so much to be thankful for... from meeting lovely brides who gave us trust and confidence to design for their weddings and doing certain items that we have been obsessed about... going on inspiring floral adventures in Seoul, London and Cotswolds... and also having the great honour to assist 2 world renowned floral designers when they were in town :

Seeing the most fabulous Karen Tran again (from San Diego but now teaching and doing weddings worldwide) on her Floral Experience course at the Ritz Carlton...

...and meeting the talented Javier, Tony and the most awesome and fun floral team of By Appointment Only Design from London for a stunning wedding at Aberdeen Marina Club. To say it was amazing and eye-opening experience is an understatement!

Looking back at some our of highlights in the past year...

...it has been a great year and we are looking forward to 2015!

We wish everyone a most wonderful new year!!!

18 December 2014

Grand Opening Arrangement for Capital Management Company

Flowers for the grand opening of an investment company at IFC.

Simple and modern style is particularly suitable for corporate events.

The client decided on sunny yellow flowers, as the look is clean and simple, we suggested keeping the palette monochromatic.

22 November 2014

Fun Rustic Wedding at the American Club, Tai Tam

It had been so much fun working on the wedding for a cute couple, Erin & Tim, who held their wedding at The American Club in Tai Tam.

The couple came together for the meeting and the groom was involved and contributed as much as the bride did and the dynamic between them was awfully sweet! The couple likes rustic style, which we think suits them really well. And we are also glad they picked peach and yellow colours, a palette which we feel is fun, cheerful, warm and cozy which we feel is a reflection of them.

Just because every other wedding has a certain item doesn't necessary mean it's nice nor personal. One of which is placing photo albums on a table for guests to flip though. We believe there are always different ways for doing the same thing so we are always excited when a couple thinks outside the box and goes for different ideas. 

For the reception table, we suggested a few stacked wood crates for displaying just a few pictures. So fun putting together and styling with our props including wood Mr. and Mrs. and sand timer, mint books, tin containers of flowers and succulents with a little moss. Have to say the setup matches with the fun and casual pictures really well.

Escort cards were displayed on our rustic shutters with a garland draped across the top. After the guests took the escort cards, this turned into a casual backdrop for guests to take pics in front of.

When it comes to guestbook, there are tons of ideas apart from putting literally a book on a table. We adorned a postbox with flowers and plants and the couple designed a sweet sign for it. Notecards, polaroid cameras and films were provided to guests so they can take a pic, stick it and write wedding wishes on a notecard and then 'post' it to the couple. Heart this fun alternative guestbook idea!!

For the outdoor terrace, peach and yellow flowers and foliage dressed up the arch.

Glad the garland turned out how we envisioned it and think the rustic style suits the foliage wall in the background perfectly.

So hyped to be using Mimosa again!!! Together with Monkey Tail's Fern in bud vase and mini tin watering can of Succulent.

Here the dazzling bride walking down the aisle with her dad.

Erin's bouquet consisted of some of our favourite rustic flowers, including Campanella and Juliet Garden Roses, Spray Rose, Mimosa, Ornithogalum, Lambs Ear and Monkey Tail's Fern, tied off with long flowing lace.

The bridesmaids with matching peach and yellow bouquets.

A baby's breath crown for the flower girl, isn't she a cutie pie?

Look at her here, super adorable!!!

The weather was a bit gloomy on the day so there were some last minute changes but Erin handled it all gracefully. We are glad the cheerful peach and yellow colour palette brightened up the venue and guests attending looked like they all had a fabulous time.

Erin and Tim, it was lovely meeting you two and awesome designing and working together on the details for your wedding. We wish you two love birds lots of laughter in the years to come!

11 November 2014

Inspirational Monday No. 12 - Chic Chinoiserie

Putting a spin on traditional blue and white Oriental style porcelain.

An inspiration board for an earlier wedding...

You can read all about the wedding here

10 November 2014

Chic White and Blue Chinoiserie Wedding at Shek O Golf and Country Club

So excited to be blogging about Joanna & Andrew's Wedding held at the Shek O Golf and Country Club.

Still remember the first time we met with the lovely Jo, who lives abroad and was only in town for a few days. When she came to our meeting, she brought a file with all the information and reference pictures, a set of her gorgeous letterpress invitations (for us to keep!) and also the bridesmaids dress. Needless to say, we were super impressed and understood her vision right away and could not wait to start designing for her wedding!!!

The welcome area where celebrations started. Jo loves a bit of rustic touches, so we hand painted and personalised a wood crate and filled it with plants for the welcome table. The crate also makes such a sweet keepsake for the couple's home.

Completely obsessed with floral chandeliers and was hyped that the bride loves the idea as much as we do!

We did 4 chandeliers with Dendrobium florets for hanging under the canopies, instantly dressing up and bringing party mood to the area.

We also used the motif from the couple's wedding invitation suite and made a welcome sign with it for the reception table.

The ceremony was held on the lower lawn with the sea as the backdrop. As all the wedding guests flew in from overseas, Jo wanted a chic Chinoiserie theme for her wedding and showed us a number of the oriental style white and blue porcelain items from her family home... designs sparked off from there. Colours of the flowers are the classic and refreshing white and green, together with the blue we think the palette is really soothing and serene.

The aisle was lined with fern plants and white flowers, like walking through a garden path.

For the vow saying area, a number of gorgeous white and blue porcelain vases and containers and also 2 stools from Jo's family were used. Not only do they made the wedding unique, they also added a very personal touch.

Lush mixture - 10 different varieties of flowers and foliages! Hydrangea, Rose, Spray rose, Snowberry, Ornithogalum, Bells of Ireland, Umbrella Fern and Snow On The Mountain. To add to the oriental element, we also added white orchids including Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium.

We hand painted a sweet sign on a wood panel for the start of the aisle.

A garland draped across the front of the signing table which was later reused on a mantelpiece.

Dinner reception was held on the upper lawn. Continuing the white blue porcelain theme, we sourced over 100 vases for the centerpieces.

These different style small bud vases served double duty, forming part of the centerpieces and also as wedding favours for guests to take home!

We are a sucker for charming details and Jo is such a thoughtful bride so it came as no surprise that there were lovely details everywhere, making the event much more enjoyable for all the guests.

She wanted confetti cones with rose petals for guests to throw during their exit, we found a motif pattern on her Pinterest board and used it to make a confetti cone pattern.

For the ceremony, the bride's mom bought some matching blue fans and we also sourced white and blue pattern packaged tissue paper. Dim sum baskets of toiletries were also provided for guests to use and we even found some matching toilet paper for the ladies loo! The bride told us a few guests commented about the toilet paper, just goes to show details don't go unnoticed and like to think that it brought a smile or little laugh when the ladies saw them!

As it gets a little chilly at night, Jo also wanted to provide some shawls for the guests and we helped source these ones.

So happy to meet Zosia Zacharia, who specialises in artistic film photography. We are swooning over her pics and she has such a keen eye for details! We feel that is so important in wedding photography as a lot of times the couple will not have time to look at all the details that they spent so much time and thought planning on the actual day. So sharing a few gorgeous pics taken 
by Zosia below.

Here's the bridal bouquet for Joanna, with Patience Garden Rose, Spray Rose, Ranunculus, Snowberry, Tweedia, Dendrobium and Ornithogalum.

The bridesmaids bouquets...

A lion dance before dinner started!

The lawn and centerpieces looking all romantic under the paper lanterns.

Head over Zosia's blog to see more of her stunning work!

We love when a bride has her own personal style and a strong vision for her Big Day and we can truly say all the designs for this wedding were inspired by the bride. Another important factor which we feel made this wedding really memorable is that both the ceremony and reception were held outdoors, so the same style could run through all areas.

And so lovely to receive an email from the bride after the wedding :
"We would like to say a big Thank You for all of the beautiful flowers and decorations that you created for our wedding day at Shek O. As I walked done the aisle I struggled to take it all in, it was wonderful and just what I wanted. The bouquets and centerpieces were particularly elegant and a lot of our guests commented that they were the most beautiful centerpieces they had seen at a wedding. My friends could not believe the level of detail, the toilet paper was a big hit!!"

Dear Jo and Andrew, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your Big Day and we wish you two many happy years of married life ahead!